It’s impossible to discuss creativity without including technology.

The scientific and creative process is the same, you are just using different parts of the brain and different languages to complete the process. Creativity and technology will forever help each other to move humanity forward.

TGE is pushing the boundaries of what is possible by utilizing the greatest technologies available to create content and finding the most cutting edge technologies to harness for the future.

The TGEMS Launch

Technology adoption has been moved forward exponentially because of the global pandemic. This is also simultaneously driven the global marketplace for content. Cutting edge technologies are being deployed at a scale never before seen. TGE is innovating at every level to meet this market demand.

We have created TGE Meta Studios specifically for content creation, distribution, and opportunities for global participation in the entertainment marketplace.

TGE will be launching in the third quarter of 2022 TGEMS, an entertainment centric crypto utility token. For more information please email us at: