You Can Feel The Beat In Every Cell Of Your Body

Music is arguably one of the oldest and dearest art forms there is and is found in every culture. At the core of human expression music can bring the hardest heart to tears, or bring the shy to dance like the wind on a crowded dance floor. Spoken language isn’t a barrier and emotion and passion are the words that all of us speak.

TGE’s founder and executive team are musicians and producers and understand the language of the heart from the creators point of view. Today’s content has music at every step and is as integral a part of a film, tv show, or live event as it is a concert. the same passage of a filmed scene has multiple meaning just by changing the mood of the accompanying music.

TGE Music will be launching its music label mid 2023 globally with legendary and exciting new artists. We know from years of working in the music industry nothing brings people together like music. It is unique in how it unties all of us in so many wonderful ways. Music is in us, lives in us, and is in every project we do, film, television, live events, gaming, everything!

The wonderful thing about it is, it’s also very good business. Music publishing and catalog acquisition is a major part of our business model. When you make great music you make something that last for generations and touches everyone on the planet.