Changing The Future Of Media

There are six incredible forces that are driving media into new business opportunities and TGE is capitalizing on every one of them. They are; Omnipresent Delivery, Personal Media, Global Aperture, Consumer Producers, the Metaverse, and AI-Powered Environments.

The business of Media is a fast changing environment that has many revenue streams and TGE Has set up a global network to facilitate each one of these opportunities. With so many ways to communicate to the consumer, the different types of content that they consume or create provide tremendous distribution and Licensing opportunities globally.

TGE has created a distribution Network similar to what exists in the physical world using the example of Universal and Live Nation. As our Physical and Virtual Worlds continue to enable new experiences, profiting from emerging Media Technologies for the delivery of content is a big part of our business model.

Every country on earth and almost 84% of every person has a smartphone and is consuming content. Every day there are breakthroughs in Media Technologies and exciting new ways content can be delivered and experienced. In a very short period of time your sunglasses will be your personal gateway to augmented reality and virtual reality experiences tailored to each consumer’s tastes. These experiences could be something that’s happening live in the real world or in the Metaverse.

From TGE’s Meta Studios to the launch of one of the world’s first entertainment centric tokens TGEMS, TGE continues to innovate and push the possibilities of business opportunities in media.

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