TGE global entertainment is proud to bring some of the most inclusive and innovative ideas to live events across the world.

As the world emerges from a global pandemic the demand for live entertainment spanning sports and esports, concerts, festivals, and conventions will be the greatest it’s ever been. TGE’s global access to the best of the best in entertainment, event production, and sports/esports uniquely positions us to executive produce the most incredible experiences available today.

There is tremendous innovation occurring in the space because live events can simultaneously be broadcasted in the Metaverse to a global audience. TGE is innovating live event content creation with the TGE Meta studios along with our TGEMS entertainment centric crypto utility token pushing the possibilities and broad-spectrum of experiences for consumers globally.

Innovation Is Happening At Every Level

Entertainment has the opportunity to expand life experiences and share culture in a unique and inclusive way. Technology continues to tear down the walls created by old systems, and entertainment is one of the most powerful tools humans have ever created to share ideas and creativity across all types of cultures and ideologies.