The Content Wars Have Just Begun

Film and Television is a combination of almost every talent and technology that humans possess. From the very first time a human picked up a cold piece of coal from the fire and drew on a cave wall we have harnessed the latest technology to tell stories and share our experiences across space and time. TGE is creating the best content, with the best content creators, using the best technology, and distributing it across the Global Media Distribution Network and the Metaverse.

The TGE management team is uniquely positioned because of their global access to A-List executives, talent, and finance spanning the full spectrum of the entertainment world. With years of experience understanding production from top to bottom, above and below the line, from the very beginning of an idea to a global release.

Our team of creators, partners, and collaborators are proven “Bankable” players that time and time again perform for the investor and consumer alike. Content creation is a business where “Who you know” is as important as “What you know” to get things done and TGE delivers.