A Once In A Lifetime Paradigm Shift In Entertainment

Our physical and virtual existence is merging faster than any time in history. You carry with you at all times a smartphone that is the fastest adopted technology tool in human history. If you leave it for any period of time you might feel unconnected, even anxious. It connects you to everything you hold dear, well almost everything, and in that lies the business opportunity.

The combination of technologies that make Web 3.0, or has now been popularized “The Metaverse” is a fast evolving and ever changing landscape. There is one constant in all of this and the reason all the big tech companies have moved to Los Angeles, the creation of great content. Without it you can’t attract the attention you need to make the tech business model work.

This is an immutable fact, and it is also a massive business opportunity. TGE is built for just this opportunity and positioned globally to deliver to our investors outstanding results, and to the consumer breathtakingly stunning content.

Let’s take a look at a TV show that members of our team have worked on, “American Idol”. It has become the world’s most widely watched television franchise, as well as one of the most successful entertainment formats, adapted in over 56 regions around the world, with its various versions broadcast to 150 countries with a worldwide audience of roughly 3.2 billion people. This is only the broadcast, not the social, video, merchandise, and so on as the list goes on to the various ways the content has been monetized.

This is an example of the power of content and the distribution of it everywhere because of the paradigm shift to mobile devices. The Metaverse is not going to stop expanding and the business opportunities for content creation globally are massive.

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