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TGE is a global virtual studio and entertainment holdings company.  It is our goal to connect participating economies to entertainment-driven GDP and job growth using vertically integrated ownership structures; providing value-based investing into both film projects and supporting vertical markets.

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Who We Are

Our team has decades of combined experience in entertainment and business leadership.


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Hailing from a lineage of entertainment superstars, Mr. Jackson has over 30 years’ experience in developing, creating, performing, recording, financing, and producing music, film, television, and multimedia entertainment. Globally, his reach and influence makes Giovanni one of the most well-connected individuals in Entertainment, Media, Technology, and Finance.

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Mr. Wilson is a former prosecuting attorney for one of the largest districts in the United States, and the founder of an international ISO training organization.  His experience placed him in the hallways of some of the worlds largest companies (including Ford Motor Company and Lockheed Martin) and government agencies (United States Department of Defense and the Government of India), to implement training programs designed to effectively train thousands. Bob‘s novel “Crooked Tree” became a New York Times bestseller and has been published in 12 languages.  He is also the founder of Lake Effect Cinema, a film production company.  Today, Mr. Wilson is hailed as one of the brightest legal minds in entertainment law.

In addition to being an avid novelist, Mr. Wilson is also a prolific screenwriter.  To-date, his projects have garnered interest from major studios and A-list actors.

Bob's work includes major franchise films like "Crooked Tree," as well as feature blockbusters like "Final Justice," along with episodic thrillers like "The Groves of Ares."  In total, Bob has over 10 unique properties in various stages of development.

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Mr. Smith has over 20 years’ experience as a consultant, working with startups and publicly traded companies in the arenas of Finance/Banking, Mining, Aerospace, Technology and Entertainment.  His work included building pricing models, income projections, financial modeling, target-market research and strategic/tactical market-penetration modeling. 

In 2020 he was asked by the head of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Investment to create a step-by-step model for building an Entertainment Ecosystem using the “KPMG 9-levers” format.  Today, you can see his plan at work within the Kingdom’s many film initiatives.


In 2021, J Michael’s love of Entertainment and his passion for storytelling merged into his first screenplay. In it, a world was created for the MENA Region, featuring a universe of Arabic superheroes forged into the culture, places and folklore of the Arabic world.  The first installment in the franchise, an action/thriller called “Run” is set to begin principal photography in the Fall of 2023, starring Fatima Albanawi. 



TGE Wows at International Conference

CEO Giovanni Jackson received over 180 requests following a presentation to a group of international investors at a global investment conference held in Saudi Arabia.

Brown Bear
International Thriller Seeks TGE Partnership

"Crooked Tree," an international best-selling thriller, has partnered with TGE Global Entertainment to help produce its series in a move that has garnered attention from major production partnerships.

Image by Brands&People
TGE Wins Bid for Regional Studio Project

TGE recently won a competitive bidding process to help a prospering entertainment region establish a large-scale Film and Television Studio Project.  "This is a big win for the entire region," states CEO, Jackson.

Dubai City View
Dubai Sets its Sights on TGE Partnership

The Government of Dubai has been working with TGE top-brass to finalize a strategic partnership for its developing film sector.  The resulting tour-de-force has the potential to disrupt the entire film market.

Water Well Drilling
TGE Lands Major Investment

TGE's stout management team and unique international appeal were enough to land a major investment from an international commodities executive.15% of the company was purchased for an undisclosed amount.

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What We Bring


TGE presents the ability to control your message through multimedia platforms, control risk through diversification, control the creation of jobs and infrastructure through economic development around a developing entertainment sector.


TGE brings access to A-list individuals and companies, off-market deals, intellectual property libraries, global sustainability projects, and technology.


TGE’s powerhouse team of executives carry decades of combined experience in media, entertainment, and business leadership.  Entertainment is not an "if you build it, they will come" type of industry.  We facilitate the entire structure, bringing a suite of brand name companies with us.

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